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History Of Hapugoda Parish

In Late 19th centuary the catholics of Hapugoda village were in need of a school for their children and a church for spiritual life of villagers. The initiative step was the establishment of the school in 1884 at Hapugoda.The school was administrated by the catholic priest of Weligampitiya parish  Rev.Fr. Wilfred Pigadue.

In accordance with the request of a church, the first Holy mass was celebrated in the school building on last sunday of September 1923 by the Rev.Fr. Wilfred Pigadue.

Early September in 1925 the fundation stone for a new church was laid on a property donated by a catholic of the area Late Mr.M.Abileenu Thissera.

Historical First Festival holy mass of Hapugoda Church was celebrated in the cadjan thatched church on 26th of September 1925.

The church was dedicated to the Mother Most Admirable in 1927 as they received the very first statue of Mother Most Admirable from France by Rev.Fr. Regolle as he promissed.Even today the first statue of Mother Most Admirable is placed in the church.

From 1925, Administration of Hapugoda church was done by Weligampitiya, Kandana and Batagama parishes from time  to time.

In 1992 Mother Most Admirable church  of Hapugoda was declared a parish and Rev.Fr Ronnie Wichramasinhe became the first parish pries.

Late Mr.Abileenu Thissera who donated his land to establish the church gave his 3 daughters to serve God and they became the first nons of the parish   Rev.Sr.Mary Compassion,Rev.Sr.Mary Incarnetion,Rev.Sr.Mary Eurcharast respectively in 1936 of good shepered.

Rev.Fr. Nimal Ponweera priesty ordinated in 1983 as the first pries to serve in the wine yard of God from Hapugoda.


This photograph shows the original cadjan church of Hapugoda with temporary pandol to grace the entrance to the church during the festival season.






This photograph shows the pioneeres who made tirless  efferts to comlete the church.This photograph was taken on 15th May 1937.  



Extracted  form "Hapugodai Obai Mamai" by Mr.K.D.N.Milton Gunasekara