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Sunday Holy Mass Hours

AT Hapugoda Church
06:15 a.m, 09:30 a.m, 6:00p.m
AT Polgahahena Church
07:30 a.m


Church Of The Mother Most Admirable,Hapugoda,Kandana,

Sri Lanka.

Tel: 094-011-2231663












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IMG 3336webnew  People of Hapugoda parish are blessed with spiritual nourishment with the establishment of small  cadjan sheltered church of mother most admirable science 1925.The church become a well known sacred place of prayer for their intensions among  Sri Lankans  with the time as the message of love and peace granted by God through the mother most Admirable . The journey of faith of parishioners were more implemented with the initiation of the Novina Wednesdays science 1985. At present 2000 families are under the guidence of the Hapugoda Parish.